Meet Bernamo

Innovative & sustainable outerwear, made in Europe.

We are Bernamo, a brand that is established in 2021. The birth of the brand took longer than expected, despite the corona crisis. Years before, the idea of creating a down jacket brand was buzzing. After a big break, we found the courage to continue to chase our dream, through a lot of work and research, we are proud of the existence of Bernamo.

Bernamo uses a brand-new insulation concept, named TXdown®, developed by Down Creators. It is unique in its kind and offers many advantages, to get the best out of your jacket.

Furthermore, Bernamo works with recycled materials, from the outer fabric to the inner fabric, from the zippers to the recycled down. What’s more, our jackets are made in Europe, just like the materials.

Bernamo is a branch from Marfashion and Marbul, two companies with years of experience in private label confection of garments for big brands and chains. All the clothes are made in our own production plant in Bulgaria, a member of the European Union. 

We are thriving as a European and sustainable product, with care for nature and the human.

Meet our founder