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The Bernamo jackets are designed and fabricated in the EU and are made from recycled materials, derived from PET bottles.

Bernamo uses a revolutionary insulation concept for their jackets, named TxDown.

The jackets are packed with a light and breathable filling which makes it possible to regulate your body temperature and humidity. By working with a fixed layer of down, the padding will stay in place, eliminating cold spots, that might occur in traditional down jackets.

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Bernamo uses a brand-new insulation concept, named TXdown®, developed by Down Creators. It is unique in its kind and offers many advantages, to get the best out of your jacket.

TXdown® is a completely new concept in natural insulations. By selecting small down clusters and the softest down and feather fibers we have created a totally new filling for a host of applications. We have developed a system to fix these clusters and fibers together with a binding solution that is extremely soft, flexible, and imperceptible to touch.

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